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Matthew’s Marine Air Conditioning Inc. Designs New Concept Chiller with Smart Control

January 2009, Fort Lauderdale, FL was the commissioning of a new smart concept chiller to go into service onboard the M/Y REEF CHIEF.   The project was presented to Captain Mike Ford, a client of Matthew’s Marine for ten years, with the understanding that he would have the first of such chiller units soon to be pushing into the marine market.  Captain Mike Ford had complete confidence with Matthew Pinnell, owner of Matthew’s Marine, the proposed system would be cutting edge technology with the information provided to him concerning the research and development that went into the design.   

The idea for a new chiller design came from the interest of owner Matthew Pinnell and service manager Tom Asay.  Both realized only limited technology was being incorporated into the marine market.  The new smart concept chiller unit provides the customer with more information than any chiller unit found on the market today.  The system control is continuously working to gather important information of the chiller units operation and relays the information to a remote site located at the headquarters office of Matthew’s Marine for review.  The information provided allows the technical department to make any necessary adjustments, if needed, without leaving the office.  The technical department can also assist with diagnoses of a failure, should one occur.     

“The fact that our technical department can communicate with the chiller wherever the vessel is located, even out at sea, is a big plus to us and the crew” stated service manager Tom Asay.  “I am able assist the customer more thoroughly than by phone communication.   I can override the entire system and get them back on line while still monitoring the system until the engineer can make a necessary repair.”   Tom retired from main stream yachting as an engineer for 15 years on many premier yachts to pursue a career with Matthew’s Marine.   

Matthew speaks proudly when it comes to the new chiller design concept.  “I was looking for a chiller unit beyond what I could find on the market” stated Matthew.  “When we hit the drawing board, I was surprised how far we could go with the project.   Nothing was left to be desired when we were finished.   I was fortunate to have the expert assistance of Tom.  We worked together with one goal in mind – perfection.  That’s exactly what we did”.