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Matthew's Marine Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Refits M/Y Helios2 in Savannah, GA

November 2005 to April 2006, Savannah, GA. It was a great experience. 

When we were asked to survey the air conditioning system for refit it looked like to large of project to do away from our Ft. Lauderdale facility, and also within a reasonable budget for the vessel.

To introduce the company to an out of state refit was not the safest thing to do, but when you know you can do it and do it the best, you do it.

In the meantime of conducting business in Ft. Lauderdale and Savannah, we were struck with two hurricanes, WILMA and KATRINA.

We had new clients in Ft. Lauderdale that we had already committed to.  All the guys jumped in with full force to finish projects that were new and ongoing.  We were still also able to help our old customers with their maintenance and emergency problems.

Setting up shop in a new location incurred finding housing arrangements, local supplies, work facilities, added vehicle expenses, new yard management, time for the guys to travel to see their families that reside in Ft. Lauderdale, plus all the extras that go along. 

I still had to keep communications open between Ft. Lauderdale and Savannah.  Tom, an employee of Matthew’s Marine was able to ensure that all computer interface was capable between the separate offices.

Tom was also responsible for the electronic communication with all controls governing the air conditioning chilled water system and digital thermostats located throughout the interior.

Along with Tom, were two of the best assertive individuals to assist in the project.  Nick and Rob put in extensive hours to meet all demands.  Their knowledge and expertise concerning all aspects of the job were overwhelming.   Above and beyond cannot say enough.

David assisted in all areas.  He was accountable for the well being of all individuals.

Jackie kept the billing strait for the client and office.

The management representing the vessel was a pleasure to work with.  Jim and Steve were open to improvements while still protecting the owner’s wallet.   All individuals including crew and day workers were enthusiastic, knowledgeable, responsible, helpful and friendly.

I collaborated with vessel  management on other vendors that were reliable to take on such a project.  

A relied on company to assist with the project for the chilled water pipe insulation was ESSEX INSULATION.  When hearing of their follow through with jobs in the past I know they were the right guys to recommend.

Additional personnel performed in excellence.

The rest is just a refit.  We did it, we did it great.  If asked to do it again – YES/MAYBE?!