Matthew’s Marine Air Conditioning Completely Retrofits Mega Yacht Azzurra’s A/C System

February 17, 2005 - Ft. Lauderdale, FL Matthew’s Marine Air Conditioning Inc. and owner Matthew Pinnell, a 15 year veteran of the Ft. Lauderdale Marine Air Conditioning and Refrigeration market got the call to completely retrofit the entire Air Conditioning and Refrigeration System in the motor yacht Azzurra.  The entire job for this 156 foot mega yacht included completely removing the existing A/C system, installing over 35 air handlers and working with all subcontractors to ensure proper fitting of equipment with ease of maintenance and serviceability.


“Matthew’s Marine offered the quality craftsmanship and skill required for the customization we required” stated Scott Campbell, Captain of Azzurra when the installation began.  “Matthew’s Marine always had an eye for the costs and were able to rebuild 3 out of 4 existing chiller systems saving us a lot of money.”  Since the complete retrofit was completed last year the system has been trouble-free.  Other state-of-the-art equipment Matthew’s Marine Air Conditioning installed included a digital soft start system that reduced the starting load of each unit thus making Azzurra run more efficiently.  Introducing the latest equipment that makes the entire vessel run smoothly is part of every job with Matthew’s Marine.


Completely retrofitting and customizing the A/C system and refrigeration of mega yachts is pretty standard for Matthew’s Marine Air Conditioning.  That’s what keeps maintenance to a minimum for Captains and Engineers of vessels such as Reef Chief, New Castle Voyager and even 228 foot Aussie Rules to name just a few of Matthew’s Marine customers. 


Taking on big jobs when little time is available is also a specialty of Matthew’s Marine Air Conditioning.  Katharine, a 175 ft motor yacht, needed over 40 air handlers removed, reconditioned and reinstalled as well as a new 50 ton chiller system installed in just three weeks.  The job was completed on time and in budget.


Matthew’s Marine strives to create long-term relationships with their customers by charging reasonable labor rates, customizing the equipment when necessary and installing for easier servicing.  Apparently they are getting it right since Matthew Pinnell, President of Matthew’s Marine has been involved in all three of Azzurra’s retrofits throughout its 15 years.

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